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Blaavand Observatory and Ringing Station and the area offers you a variety of experiences and services. You can explore the area yourselves by car, bike, or walking and experience the bird life, that we find very unique.

Blaavand is one of the best birding hotspots in Denmark – especially in the autumn, where many thousands of passerines can be seen every season. The best place for migration is the very point of Jutland: Blåvands Huk, where you can observe the birds from the dunes or the beach.

At Bird Life Denmark's database for bird sightings, you can find the latest bird sigthings in the south-western region of Denmark, where Blaavand is located. Click this link. Please select County: DOF-Sydvestjylland. 

The observatory and ringing station offers you services like accommodation and a guided ringing tour.