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Great Shearwater!

lørdag 15. maj 2021
af Samuel Perfect

A remarkable event occured at Sydhukket this morning as Henrik and Martin found a Great Shearwater (Storskråpe, Ardenna gravis) cruising north! There are c.10 previous Danish records as far as I am aware, none of which have occured in the spring! There's also a nice account written up in the comments section by Henrik. It was found at 06:10 am before travelling 60 km north up the coast where, presumably the same individual, was sighted again at 07:45 am. This equates to a rough speed of 40km/hr (still a leisurely speed for a shearwater)!

See this link to Dofbasen for some more comprehensive totals and an account from this mornings' observations.


Garden Warbler (Havesanger, Sylvia borin). Although a rather plain warbler, the grey nape sides are surprisingly striking when seen "in the field".

Ringing: 2 Chiffchaff (Gransanger, Phylloscopus collybita), 1 Goldfinch (Stillits, Carduelis carduelis), 2 Garden Warbler (Havesanger, Sylvia borin), 1 Willow Warbler (Løvsanger, Phylloscopus trochilus), and 1 Lesser Whitethroat (Gærdesanger, Curruca curruca).

People: Henrik, Martin, and Samuel.