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Waders on the move

søndag 4. juli 2021
af Samuel Perfect

A very quick blog post this time so I can squeeze in a few hours sleep before running through all the motions again.

In total 131 moths were trapped overnight involving 52 species. Highlights included 7 Silver Y (Gammaugle, Autographa gamma), dozens more were seen later in the day suggesting an upsurge in migrant moth activity, 2 Plutella xylostella, Yellow Shell (Okkergul Bladmåler, Camptogramma bilineata), Notocelia roborana (year tick) and Lobesia abscisana (year tick).


Lobesia abscisana

The light southeasterly wind produced a rather decent passage of waders past the point, the commonest of which was Dunlin (Almindelig Ryle, Calidris alpina) totalling 332!


A surprise Yellow-legged Gull (Middelhavssølvmåge, Larus michahellis) was also stood on the beach.

It was also a five tern species seawatch day, represented by: Common Tern (Fjordterne, Sterna hirundo), Arctic Tern (Havterne, Sterna paradisaea), Sandwich Tern (Splitterne, Thalasseus sandvicensis), Black Tern (Sortterne, Chlidonias niger), and Caspian Tern (Rovterne, Hydroprogne caspia)!

See the link below for a full account of this morning's observations.


In the afternoon I went for a bike ride to Tipmose to photograph some invertebrates and flowers, I have yet to go through all my pictures so here's a Common Toad (Skrubtudse, Bufo bufo) for your amusement for now...


Common Toad (Skrubtudse, Bufo bufo)

Personnel: Samuel