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Moths, seawatch, and colour ring reading

tirsdag 6. juli 2021
af Samuel Perfect

Three things on the morning agenda as the blog title suggests. First of all 143 moths were trapped involving 56 species. Year ticks came in the form of Swallow-tailed Moth (Natsvalehale, Ourapteryx sambucaria), Snout (Snudeugle, Hypena proboscidalis), and Dwarf Cream Pug (Gråkantet Engmåler, Idaea fuscovenosa). A fresh Bedstraw Hawkmoth (Snerresværmer, Hyles gallii) was also a pleasant surprise.


Bedstraw Hawkmoth (Snerresværmer, Hyles gallii)

For the second day running seawatching produced a good total of 50 Red-throated Divers (Rødstrubet Lom, Gavia stellata). Further noteworthy sightings included a 3cy Caspian Gull (Kaspisk Måge, Larus cachinnans) and a White-tailed Eagle (Havørn, Haliaeetus albicilla) stood on the beach.


Caspian Gull (Kaspisk Måge, Larus cachinnans)


3cy Caspian Gull (Kaspisk Måge, Larus cachinnans) on the left with a 3cy Herring Gull (Sølvmåge, Larus argentatus) on the right


A flock of Dunlins (Almindelig Ryle, Calidris alpina) making a brief stop at the point to feed up before continuing south.

To end the morning's birding escapade I read a total of 20 colour rings on the gulls stood on the beach. I look forward to seeing where they have originated.

See the link below for a full account of this morning's observations.


Personnel: Bent and Samuel