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Seawatch and lots of moths

fredag 9. juli 2021
af Samuel Perfect

Once again the warm light overnight wind encouraged a good attendance to the moth trap. In total 285 moths of 77 species were trapped breaking the nightly total for the year in both respects. A relatively long list of year ticks included: Northern Eggar (Egespinder, Lasiocampa quercus), Ground Lackey (Redespinder, Malacosoma castrense), Willow Beauty (Frugttræ-Barkmåler, Peribatodes rhomboidaria), Sharp-angled Carpet (Fuglegræsbladmåler, Euphyia unangulata), Many-lined (Skyggeliniemåler, Costaconvexa polygrammata), Grass Emerald (Grøn Vissemåler, Pseudoterpna pruinata), Barred Yellow (Gul Bladmåler, Cidaria fulvata), Agriphila straminella, Catoptria pinella, Mompha sturnipennella, and Thiodia citrana.

It is difficult to pick pictures so here are a selection of some of the year ticks.


Northern Eggar (Egespinder, Lasiocampa quercus)


Many-lined (Skyggeliniemåler, Costaconvexa polygrammata)


Sharp-angled Carpet (Fuglegræsbladmåler, Euphyia unangulata)


Mompha sturnipennella


Catoptria pinella

The standardised seawatch was also quite productive with the highest daily Oystercatcher (Strandskade, Haematopus ostralegus) total of the year (104), a flock of 3 Caspian Terns (Rovterne, Hydroprogne caspia) migrating south, and the first "autumn" Yellow Wagtail (Gul Vipstjert, Motacilla flava) also flying south.

See the link below for a full list of this morning's sightings.


Personnel: Maria, Kim, and Samuel