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One Firecrest, two Goldcrests and new reading material for the Bird Observatory

søndag 19. september 2021
Quite a few welcome guests at the bird station - we hope for more!
af Hanelie Sidhu
Today, we had some nice guests, both birds and people. First of all, we were happy to see Ulf, a former volunteer with his daughter at the bird station. We were even more pleased, that we could soon show them a Firecrest. There were also two Goldcrests in the nets. Hopefully, more of them will visit us this autumn! 
 The highlight of the day - a Firecrest.
A Blackcap
Todays ringed birds:
Willow Warbler 2
Common Chiffchaff 10
Common Firecrest 1
Goldcrest 2
Robin 7
Common Redstart 4
Garden Warbler 3
Song Thrush 3
Blackcap 2
Total 34
When Jonas and I went inside for a little break from ringing, we met Sven Bædker, who gave two promising books to the bird observatory and also brought cake for us hungry people. Many thanks, Sven!
Bent, Henrik and David were observing today.
We are curious to see what awaits us tomorrow. See you then!

Folk på stationen: Bent Jakobsen, Jonas Pedersen, Sven Bædker, Henrik Böhmer, David Manstrup og Hanelie Sidhu