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Rain, Wind and Little Auks

fredag 22. oktober 2021
Big departure at the bird station, Luke and Lise are leaving us and Week 42 is slowly coming to an end, today with dinner at the Blåvand Biergarten.
af Hanelie Sidhu
Hello everybody!


Jonas was the first today to get out of the warm bed and into the wind and rain to get a good spot in the Sabine bunker. And with success, because he was the first in the bunker today. Luke, Sebastian, Andreas, Lise and I were able to sleep a little longer. Lise, Sebastian and I were going to Vejers Strand today to observe. But before that we said goodbye to Luke, who left us today to go to Kopenhagen and then back home to the UK. Thanks for the good time Luke, without you the 300 (+) bird days of ringing would have been almost impossible.

The weather was no fun this morning. It was raining hard and hailing. Neither Jonas in the Sabine bunker nor Sebastian, Lise and I in Vejers saw much, but we could observe a few Little Auks.

After the observation we went into town to Blavand to buy a new backpack for Sebastian. After that it was time to warm up again. In the afternoon Lise left us, too. We also did some birdwatching, I went to Grønningen to see the Lapwings. There I also saw Golden Plovers and heard many Goldcrests on the way and saw a few Chaffinches. When I got back to the station, everyone was already ready to go. Today we went to eat in the Biergarten in Blavand. For me from Bavaria, was a strange experience to go to a Biergarten in Denmark....


Take care, see you tomorrow!


People at the bird station: Bent Jakobsen, Sebastian Thorup Hansen, Luke Nelson, Jonas Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu, Andreas Pedersen, Lise Hykkelbjerg, and David Manstrup