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Bello strikes again

tirsdag 5. april 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today the windspeed was a bit lower, so we were able to open some nets. Even three nets in the lighthouse garden could be opened. Halfway the mourning some showers went over the lighthouse garden, and because of the low number of birds caught there we decided to close. The stationsgarden was quite good again, with most of the birds caught there. Extra nice were two bullfinches we caught today, unfortunately no males, but two females. Female bullfinches are nice, but the male bullfinches have something extra. One of the ones was a recapture, back from August 2020 and this was the first recapture of the bird here. 

But the highlights of the day were seen at sea. Bello was joined by David, who also stayed the night, doing the morning observations. The had a very good day with a fulmar, glacous gull and a great skua. Unfortunately, I was not able to see them because I was busy with doing a round to check the nets for any new birds.

Tomorrow it will be another day without any ringing. The forecast shows too harsh conditions. Hopefully there will be any nice birds migrating over sea.

During a board meeting, Bello went to do some extra seawatch and found his second Black scoter. This time it was swimming very close to the shoreline, and Morten managed to take some really nice pictures of it. Because the rarity, we will post two pictures.


Black scoter – Photo by Morten


Black scoter – Photo by Morten

Ringing list (new/recapture):

Robin (0/2)

Bullfinch (1/1)

Chaffinch (1/0)

Blackbird (3/0)

Tree sparrow (0/1)

Goldcrest (0/3)

Redpoll (0/1)

5 new birds over 3 species

People at the station: Bent, John, Svend O., Morten, Bello and Menno

DOF link: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=05-04-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato