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Visitor day

torsdag 14. april 2022
af Mikkel Bello

The seawatch produced with both two great scaups and two artic skuas. There were also some numbers of terns.

After the seawatch, Jens and Oliver tried the stock dove for the second day and saw it. They also saw the known bluethroat and it give them some nice views.


Bluethroat – Picture by Oliver

The ringing was quite entertaining as well. Although a short shower forced us to close and reopen again. Just like yesterday a good number of chiffchaff, almost all had low fat and low muscle indicating that they just have crossed the north sea. In between the chiffchaffs their were also some with smaller wings. This might be an indication of the arrival of female birds. We also dubbled the count of blackcaps compared to yesterday, it’s a real joy to catch since they are very smart looking bird. Today Jonas also had an excursion guiding 25 persons around. Unfortunately, only 5 birds could be showed during the excursion. After that, we had some visitors from Germany and we also showed them around the ringing here.

Blackcap male – picture by Leona

Ringing list (new/recapture):

Robin (0/1)

Chiffchaff (9/0)

Blackbird (2/0)

Song thrush (2/0)

Redwing (1/0)

Dunnock (1/2)

Blackcap (2/0)

Tree sparrow (0/1)

17 new birds over 9 species

People at the station: Jonas with 25 people on excursion, Bent, David, Jens, Oliver, Bello, Leona and Menno