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Some arrivals and some departures

fredag 15. april 2022
af Mikkel Bello, Leona Gottschalkson

This morning the sun was rising 06:23 and Oliver, Jens, David and myself were ready 06:13, and we had two Arctic Skua shortly after, we had 3 in total. Henrik joined us around 06:30 and found a Great Skua and two 2k Caspian gulls on the beach. Then we heard a call that we thought could have been a serin, although we were not sure of it, but had recorded it and we confirmed it later. Lastly we saw the Great Northern Diver probably it has been in the area for some time now. Some nice species but very low quantity. 
Because of the slow migration Oliver and Jens decided to leave a day earlier than planned. 

Today we were joined by Xenia for ringing. We opened the nets and she arrived shortly after that. We managed to capture 20 new Birds and 30 in total. The highlights of today were a Collared Dove by the lighthouse and a Willow Warbler in the station garden.

Collared Dove by Mikkel Bello

In the evening David, Leona and I went for a sunset walk to the bog. We saw a few Reed Buntings a couple of Stone Chats, Wheatear, two Snipes and we heard a short phrase of the Blue Throat, and by the end of our journey we saw the first House Martin of the year. It was fourageing in the dunes in front of the lighthouse garden. We were not fortunate enough to see the Sunset.

Dofbasen link: here

Ringing totals (new/recapture)

European Collared dove  (1/0)

Wren (0/2)

Dunnock (2/2)

Robin (2/2)

Blackbird (2/2)

Redwing (1/0)

Common chiffchaff (4/0)

Willow warbler (1/0)

Tree sparrow (0/1)

Chaffinch (1/1)

Brambling (3/0)

Linnet (2/0)

Bullfinch (1/0)