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The mouse is gone but a fox family settled

lørdag 30. april 2022
af Leona Gottschalkson

Today the ringing was a bit better than the days before. We captured 10 new birds and 3 recaptures. Due to a fox cub that Menno saw in the Helgolandtrap we asume that there is a whole fox family in the lighthousegarden. Because we don't want our birds in the nets to become foxfood we put up a foxtrap that we check regularly.

Bello also had a better day, with okay numbers of divers and terns, but still nothing out of the ordernary actually still a bit under standard. 

When I took out the trash in the kitchen, I gasped. I was very surprised when I found that one of the mousetraps finally worked after nearly 2 months! Sadly it wasn't a living trap. 

A bit of a retrospectif to the last month.


In April 508 new birds have been ringed. The most numerous species have been: Chiffchaff (95) and Robin (92). The highlights for me were two collared doves, nine wrynecks (as mentioned previous, this is almost the same amount as the highest season total) and the ring ouzel. Besides that, it has been really nice to see some birds that winter in southern parts of this world. Such as willow warbler, blackcap and lesser whitethroat. Up untill now we did not caught common whitethroat, but we expect that we catch one the coming days. Besides the new birds, we also had some nice recaptures. In total we had 4 foreign controls: a belgian Linnet, a belgian Blackcap, a german Robin and a french Chiffchaff. 


Ringing data (new/recapture)

Dunnock (0/1)

Blackbird (0/1)

Chiffchaff (2/0)

Willow warbler (3/0)

Great tit (0/1)

Brambling (1/0)

Linnet (1/0)

Redpoll (3/0)