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Best bird a dead bird?

fredag 3. juni 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today the ringing was quite slow, probably because of the time of year and the northwestern winds. The number of trans Saharan birds was also low, so Morten was not able to sample that many birds today. Maybe the best bird was brought to us by Anders M.. It was in completely fresh plumage, so that indicates that it is born this year here in the bog. It might not have been able to find enough food or had some kind of desease. Some more positive news is from the bluethroats, which also successfully bred in the bog.

At the end of the day Anders M. saw a eagle species at Groningen. He was not sure about the species and put it on Zello. We decided to post for some time and besides some buzzard we saw nothing. At some point I saw an eagle species at a very big distance, because of the movement of the hot air it was impossible to see anything on the bird. If it does not turn around and come to blavand again, we will never know which species it was.

Ringing totals:

White wagtail 2/0

Black redstart 1/0

Blackbird 2/0

Lesser whitethroat 1/0

Common whitethroat 1/0

Common chiffchaff 3/1

Spotted flycatcher 3/0

Crested tit 0/1

Great tit 3/0

Chaffinch 1/0

Greenfinch 4/1

Linnet 4/0

Redpoll 1/1

People at the station: Bent, Mikkel, Morten, Anders M., Anders Z. and Menno