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Another autumn day in summer

tirsdag 7. juni 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today was another day where we could practice how to quickly open and close the nets again. I can not remember having bad days like this in March, and now it is summer…. The frustrating thing today was how wrong the DMI is. When the DMI predicted only a little amount of rain for one hour, there was actually plenty of rain. But in the late afternoon it cleared up a bit and we were able to open again. Although there were not many birds, it was good to catch anything in the lighthouse after a completely empty day and mourning.

Although the weather was very rough, it was quite busy with people today. Anders finished his work on the database and made it work on the new computer, which we are thankful for. It is at least 4 times faster than the older one. Bent also came along. And Charlotte arrived in the afternoon, tomorrow she will leave with Morten. The downside of staying this long is that you see almost everybody leave. To have a memorable evening, Morten made another delicious lasagna. Morten also made it as one of the first meals here and we really enjoyed back then as well.


Blackbird 0/1

Lesser whitethroat 0/1

Chiffchaff 2/0

Willow warbler 1/0

Pied flycatcher 1/0

Crested tit 0/1

Great tit 0/1

People at the station: Morten, Bent, Anders, Charlotte, Bello and Menno