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Another new species during my stay

torsdag 16. juni 2022
And another spring record
af Menno den Uijl

Today it was a bit slower then yesterday. But with some nice numbers of juvenile tree sparrows it was quite entertaining. Around the Fuglestation tree sparrows are the dominant species, but in Blåvand there is one breeding spot with house sparrows. Today I was lucky enough to catch a house sparrow, probably a young out of that breeding colony. The difference in size was quite obvious.

It turns out to be a good breeding year for crested tits in the nearby woods, since we still catch some new juveniles. These birds are exploring the surroundings, also caught post juvenile dispersal. Once they found a spot where it is suitable to breed, they will settle down there and are very likely to stay there until they die.

Today I got some company of Bent, Sven and Joakim. We had 2 crested tits during our communal round. Because Joakim lives in the east of denmark he really liked those. Afterwards they went for a look at the little tern colony and found a dead gannet on the beach. Because of the current Avian Flu outbreak, we collected it. At some places the Avian Flu is really hitting the bird population. In the Netherlands for example 25% of the breeding population of sandwich terns died. In total 5000 birds were collected on a total of 20000 breeding birds.

Ringing totals:

Dunnock 2/0

Song thrush 2/0

Lesser whitethroat 0/1

Common whitethroat 1/0

Blackcap 1/0

Crested tit 5/0

Coal tit 1/0

House sparrow 1/0

Tree sparrow 6/0

Linnet 1/2

Redpoll 1/0

Total 21/3



Bird of the day, House sparrow.