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Another amazing Day at the Fuglestation

mandag 23. oktober 2023
af Joseph Stephan

Today began with Anton and Antonia opening the mist nets, while Louis, Rose, Frida, Christopher, and I got ready for the daily morning observation. It was a fairly slow morning, but we still spotted 59 Eider Ducks (Ederfugl), 21 Kittiwakes (Ride), 32 Little Gulls (Dværmåge), one Short-Eared Owl (Mosehornugle), and two Parrot Crossbills (Stor Korsnæb). You can find a comprehensive list of all observations here.


observation spot from today

They managed to catch 92 birds, which included four Long-tailed Tits (Sydlig Halemejse) and one Firecrest (Rødtoppet Fuglekonge).


ringing data from today



In the afternoon, Louis cycled to Skallingen and spotted a Yellow-browed Warbler (Hvidbrynet Løvsanger) together with two Nuthatches (Spætmejse). In the meantime, Rose, Frida, and I took a trip into the forest to collect mushrooms for tonight’s dinner. We also spotted two Eurasian Jays (Skovskade), which brightened the mood even more. Afterwards Rose and Frida prepared a delightful pasta with mushrooms for dinner, which we all cherished with each and every taste.


eating dinner together

We enjoyed each other's company, had some hearty laughs, and finished watching the movie we had started yesterday. What an amazing day!

People at the station: Anton, Antonia, Felix, Frida, Leona, Rose, Louis, Joseph