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Starling and Schnitzels

tirsdag 14. november 2023
af Antonia Greil

A slow wind from NE with 4m/s was the starting point of this morning. At the Morning Observation, Louis and Joseph counted numbers of over 300 Redthroated Divers (Rødstrubet Lom), 1 Red-necked Grebe (Gråstrubet Lappedykker), some Gannets (Sule), a few Little Gulls (Dværgmåge) and Razorbills (Alk). The best observation was a Short-eared Owl (Mosehornugle), which they had a good view of. You can see a comprehensive list of all observations here.


In the ringing, Anton and I had a slow morning with mainly Blackbirds (Solsort). In the first round however, a nice surprise was waiting in the net: a Starling (Stær)! I have never seen one in hand and therefore was delighted by the beautiful blue and green shimmering colors, as well as the elegant spotted feathers. You can see this lovely adult male Starling in the picture below. We also spent some time data checking and are now up to date again, which feels great!



For dinner, Joseph made his delicious Schnitzel again, with just the perfect amount of salt. I assisted him in the kitchen which was a lot of fun! All of us enjoyed this meal and each other’s company, we were talking about Blitzbahnen and teaching us sentences in other languages. We might try some Nightcatching later, and if so we’ll hopefully be successful!


People at the Station: Louis Poulsen, Anton Liebermann, Joseph Stephan, Antonia Greil