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The Green Wave Finally Slows

onsdag 22. maj 2024
af Lucas

After a very productive few days, the wave of “green species” on DofBasen finally began to slow down today.

While Morten and Henrik were both at home; Michael once again spearheaded the ringing operation with Mallory and Maxim assisting. Comparatively slow to yesterday, we caught 14 individuals (12 new birds and 2 recaptures). The major difference between yesterday and today seemed to be the weather, today the wind was once again quite strong but unfortunately a rain system seems to be making it ways to our area which forced us to close the Lighthouse Garden nets a bit early today. That said, on one of our final rounds of checking the nets in the station garden, we discovered the River Warbler (Flodsanger) in the net for its third consecutive day. Other highlights of the day include Lesser Redpoll and several Spotted Flycatchers (a continued trend from yesterday afternoon where we caught 5 Grå Fluesnapper).


Morning observations were very slow this morning and produced only a few Red-throated Divers moving north, but the most exciting bird of the morning was a very late Common Murre (Lomvie) flying north.

Last, Antonio departed today. We wish him well and safe travels.