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Take it as it comes

fredag 24. maj 2024
af Maxim

The month of May has been relatively uneventful for the most part. Because of the low numbers there are little expectations at the moment for what the day will bring. For the most part we stay positive and joke about unrealistic numbers we will catch or what rarities we might find. In the end, there are a multitude of factors that influence the outcome of things and so, we might as well take it as it comes.

The mild weather of today did not bring out the birds to the nets. In total 11 birds were caught, two of which were controls. We did however have two interesting species in the nets. First a Sisken, a bird we have not had too often in the nets this season, and just in the “neck” of time Mallory’s hope for a Wryneck was fulfilled when one ended up in the nets right before closing time.






During morning observation Lucas spotted a Long-tailed duck, which was the only exiting news from the observations. Lucas received his x-ringing license and will know be able to get some experience ringing before heading to Skagen later this summer.

With Morten's return to the station is afternoon, tomorrow we will continue with the usual program where Morten will focus on sampling in the station garden and Micheal, Mallory and I will focus our attention on the lighthouse garden.