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Work on the Fences

søndag 9. juni 2024
af Maxim

Last night Michael went out again to find some birds. This time he caught a Water rail! The third one to ever be ringed here in Blåvand.


Michael's catch of the night: a Water rail

The net stayed closed for yet another day due to the strong winds, which gave me time to work on my project and Michael to catch up on some sleep. During the day Kim and Bent stopped by to check out the breeding area of the Little terns. High tides were predicted and so they raised the fence for the time being so it could withstand the water and wind. When they came back to the station, we sat down with some coffee and cake. I understand from Kim that each year the number of Little terns that come to the fenced off breeding area keeps increasing. This year is no exception!


Bent, Kim and Michael looking out over the breading area 

It took quite a while for the tide to recede so I waited until later in the evening to put the fence back in order.

People at the station: Bent, Kim, Michael and Maxim