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Positively surprising twist...

fredag 25. august 2017
..a day of "colourblindness" and anticipation to bad weather!
af SSt & CSc

Vejr: direction - V (271); speed - 9 m/s; cloud cover - 7/8; visibility - 15 km; temperature - 15.9° C

Today, Sandra, Henrik and Christian went out for migration counting as no ringing took place at the station. There is nothing to brag about really, the day was incredibly quiet. We had some nice views of Velvet Scoters, a Great Skua and a couple of Arctic Terns but waders and ducks generally stayed almost absent today. Sandra and Henrik had a tempered (in a positive and funny way) argument about ring colors and apparently we summarised, that black and blue rings are more difficult to keep apart than one may think. The gull counts generated two Mediterranean Gulls, which we were specifically happy about after a quiet day, but no Caspian Gulls were counted by us (although Matthias from Gemany could see two in the morning). 

While Henrik spent some time at the beach in the afternoon and cought up with the missing waders (he had 500+ Oystercatchers and generated some brilliant pictures), Sandra and Christian travelled to Filsø and enjoyed a big group of Red Deer (174 animals) on the way back. After arriving at the station, we were warmly welcomed by a nice dinner, prepared by Kim and Maria. Those of you who read our blog regularly may remember that we unfortunately destroyed Henriks umbrella last Saturday which he was not angry about, but we obviously had to come up with something (funny). Sandra bought a new umbrella for Henrik and it arrived at the station today. As soon as Henrik opened the package, all the frustration from colour rings and a quiet morning were blown away and, we assume you can see for yourselves (see picture by Kim Stendorf), he was really happy with it :).


Tomorrow looks like a promising day for ringing, so, stay tuned,
Sandra & Christian