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Good news again

lørdag 2. juli 2022
af Menno den Uijl

On this sunny, but windy day the migration was not that good with northwestern winds. There were only a handfull of waders, some comorants and ducks kept me a bit busy. 

After the count I walked to the little tern colony and I could see three fledged young litte terns and one big young. That is fantastic news and hopefully the fence will be there the coming years as well. Bent really wanted to see it as well for himself and could discover two more fledged little terns. Already great news if you consider that most young still need to fledge. I am curious how many terns will fledge from the colony inside the fence. The ringed plovers also bred succesfully and some young ones are wondering around now as well. Unfortunately, I leave before the terns go back to Africa but it was really worth the effort of putting and mantaining the fence up.

Tomorrow there are some possibilities for me to ring some birds after the seawatch. '

People at the station: Bent and Menno

Strange weather

fredag 1. juli 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today was the first day where I did the count again. I did them in the beginning of the season as well, but now it was more fun since the temprature and plumages were better compared to March. Besides I took the opportunity to set out the moth trap. There were some nice moths in there. I got 8 species that I have not seen before. There were not many birds migrating, so it was nice to get a bit more used to counting again. After the count I went looking for the ring ouzel, but it seems that it is gone. It was also good to see that the young terns grew up a lot since last time I saw them. Unfortunately, the weather was to bad to open some nets. Saterday and sunday look more promising for ringing. In between rounds, I can organise and clean somewhat. This way, the autumn crew can start clean. 

People at the station: Menno

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